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26th-Jul-2010 06:54 am - might as well post a new entry ^.^
adoara, lolita
 Yeah, my livejournal is pretty boring!  but at lest I changed the layout ^.^
Well to tell you a little more about my self.  I pretty much made  a livejournal for EGL.  I have an interest in unique fashion.  Like lolita, decora and so on.....  I do not know how many times I will visit my livejournal so feel free to add me on myspace.   ^.^
I live in S. Carolina.  I like to listen to music, pretty much any type of music but I tend to rock out to classic rock.  U2, Zeppelin and Beatles. 
Well I g2g, my grandfather just randomly decided to go to wal-mart even though I am busy and it's 7 in the morning.  He is yelling at me to get ready and to hurry up  >:( when it is his fault cause it will take some time to get ready and he is the idiot to randomly decided to go to the store when I am not ready to go anywhere.  
17th-Jul-2010 06:55 am - hmmmm
adoara, lolita
I need to actully comunicate on here....  >.>  I am also very shy when it comes to actully messageing people.  Just to let people know.  Well if I do ever post anythig it's may just be on my meinspace in which is atomicadoara.  hmmm ^.^ add meh there!  Hopefully, I will get something started on livejournal in the near future.  Till then welll ehhh IDK????
4th-Jun-2010 02:49 pm - Newbie!
adoara, lolita
 Yes, I'm new here ^.^ I pretty much made a live journal when I discovered EGL on here.  I'm a newbie to lolita to!!!  I also like photography, corsets, kittens, drawing and a few other things too.  I may not be on here a lot but I am addicted to myspace!  Add me!!!  I'm kinda shy so I may not talk much but yeah, this is my live journal!  ^.^  Have an amazing day!
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